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The World In One Place… World Travel Market London 2019!

Hello Globetrotter_G readers! I can’t believe that it is already December!!! This only means one thing… It’s time for the Christmas countdown! Who is excited about the Christmas countdown? And have you done your Christmas shopping yet?

It’s been nearly a month since the World Travel Market in London was concluded, but I would like to share my thoughts on this annual travel expo that takes place.

The Excel London
Excel London plays host to World Travel Market 2019!

This was my very First time attending the event, and I’ve been looking forward to attending it this year as I’ve heard great things about this event and made sure that I don’t miss out this time!

Guide books to the World Travel Market 2019,

This event lasted for 3 days (4th – 6th of November), and registration to this event was free. There are different categories for you to register online. As a Blogger/Vlogger (Content Creator), I registered as a Media, that took within 24 hours to be processed and approved.

World Travel Market 2019 Media Badge
My Media badge

I attended the 2nd and 3rd day of the event, and when I got to the venue at the Excel Centre in East London, I was already wowed! As there were lots of booths to visit, so I decided to start where I feel like I’m at home, which is the Philippines!

The Philippines
Started with where I felt at home… The Philippines booth!

I enjoyed the Philippines booth and had a lot to showcase, from bags, jewelry, and wallets made of Mats, to Itogon coffee and food tasting, cultural dance and promoting the many islands of this beautiful country. I definitely felt at home when I was there.

Aside from the Philippines booth that was a “must-visit” at the World Travel Market, there were lots of very interesting booths from around the world, and each of them had something to showcase. Going around the Excel felt like I was travelling the world under one roof! Another interesting booth I visited was of course from the United Kingdom. They had a lot to offer, from the afternoon tea bus tour to Madame Tussauds, and of course my ultra favourite, Warner Bros Harry Potter Gringotts bank theme! I got the chance to get changed into my Hufflepuff robe too!

Hufflepuff Robes
Me and my friend Marianne at the Harry Potter booth (UK). Wands ready!…
Afternoon Tea with Queen Elizabeth the 2nd.
Enjoying a cuppa with her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II! (Or with her wax figure) at the Madame Tussaud’s booth – UK).

The World Travel Market gave me the chance to meet and network with many people and getting to know what they have to offer and what they are promoting. A good example was when I had Pasta and Wine tasting in the Italian booth from the Puglia region and also from the Malaysian booth, where I got the chance to know about a nature resort called Tanah Aina. The owner, Sabrina was so lovely!

Aside from that, it was a chance for me to experience these countries’ cultural heritage and background, and for someone who loves to travel, I loved this part of the World Travel Market. I got to see performances from Taiwan, Malaysia, Ecuador, Brazil, Trinidad & Tobago, and Colombia (I super love! love! love! the silent music performance! This was my fave booth for performance!).

Taiwan tribe
This is the other side of Taiwan that I didn’t know! I definitely love it!
One of my fave booths is Colombia! And I love their dance performances that I kept coming back for more!
The Ecuadorian delegation!

This experience was one of a kind for me! I was in awe and made the best out of the 2 days I was there! I am grateful for this experience! And would like to Thank the events organizer’s behind the World Travel Market! Thank you to you all! Here’s to World Travel Market 2020!

Sharjah booth

Have you been to the World Travel Market or would you consider visiting World Travel Market 2020?

Love lots,


Costa Rica booth
Costa Rica booth!

If you would like to know more about this event, log on to the World Travel Market website here.

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