When The World Of Harry Potter Brought Magic To Primark Tottenham Court Road.

Hey guys! Hope everyone is geared up for a lovely chilly and dark next few months as Winter is upon us, especially here in the UK. Although some parts of the world do not experience an extremely cold temperature, winter can still be felt One way or another, whether it gets too dark early or it gets slightly breezy. This was something I noticed when I used to live in the Philippines, that it gets dark earlier than the usual and gets chilly especially in the early hours. I don’t consider myself a winter person and I get tired easily as now it gets dark at 4 pm. But winter gives me a perfect excuse especially when I’m going for a long walk. I hope I can fast forward time and let it be Springtime.


Goodbye Autumn!


Speaking of chilly and early evenings, this gives me a reason to relax a lot at home and spend lots of tie on my phone or laptop checking Social Media or Youtube. It wasn’t until a few weeks back where I saw a Vlog feature on Primark in Oxford Street East or also known as Tottenham Court Road. Most of you, especially those in the UK would know that Primark is a household name and One of the best places to shop for less in terms of Clothing and Fashion. But What made this Vlog feature on Primark in Tottenham Court Road extremely interesting, is the fact that they have turned a section of the shop into The Magical World of Harry Potter! (Yes Potter Fans like myself… You heard that right… A Mini World of Harry Potter in Primark!). After watching the video, this made me find every excuse to visit Primark Tottenham Court Road! (Oh?! I just realised I needed Christmas themed outfits and jumpers!… That’s enough excuse there!).


Primark Oxford Street East a.k.a. Tottenham Court Road


The sign outside Primark Tottenham Court Road


As I entered The Primark entrance (On Tottenham Court Road entrance side), I was greeted by a very friendly staff handing out baskets to shoppers. He seemed to be pleased when everyone enters the store and they start getting all excited about what they see! I must say, that I was one of those who got extremely excited about what I saw. The first thing that caught my eye is countless of Acceptance letters hanging from the ceiling, where I’d imagine all the Owl’s flying around the Dursely’s residence or the Great Hall in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I was just in awe!


Acceptance Letter's everywhere! This made me super excited to see what magic lies ahead...
Acceptance Letter’s everywhere! This made me super excited to see what magic lies ahead…


The Crest of Hogwarts
The Crest of Hogwarts



It really felt like Diagon Alley in there where witches, wizards and even muggles from all corners of the world and of all ages were there. I guess this was the kind of excitement the young wizards and witches felt when they went into Honeydukes or Weasleys’ Wizards Wheezes because everyone was just excited and happy to be there and grabbing what they can find filling their baskets as if they were buying Chocolate Frogs or Bertie’s Every Flavour Beans or the new joke invention that Fred and George Weasley are selling.


Primark Tottenham Court Road has created their own version of Diagon Alley and all the witches, wizards and muggles are here!


They had almost everything that you can imagine. From pajamas to jumpers, bags, scarves, coasters, mugs, bed sheets, onesies and a lot more. All of these are designed with anything Harry Potter-related! From Hedwig the Owl to Hogwarts to the different Houses of Hogwarts and many more. So whether you’re a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin or a Hufflepuff (Like myself), there’s always something for you.




Satchel anyone?


Gryffindor Onesie… I guess that makes a perfect gift!




Take your pick!


Brace yourself as you visit Primark in Tottenham Court Road and feel the magic of Harry Potter in Primark, where I’m sure you’d wish to get there as soon as possible whether to apparate or use the Floo network! Just Feel the magic!…

If you have visited Primark Tottenham Court Road and felt the magic of Harry Potter in your visit, please don’t hesitate to share them here!



Don’t forget your Marauders Map!


Love lots,



Useful Tips Getting To Primark Tottenham Court Road:

– For Bus and Tube information, visit the TFL website here.

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For Hotel bookings, check Booking.com here.








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Thanks for posting this! Gosh, all I can think about right now is how I wish they had a place like Primark Tottenham Court Road here in the States. What a magical experience to have everything from the Harry Potter universe come to life! If ever I end up in England (which I hope one day I will to visit) I will definitely have to see this experience firsthand.


The magic on this page kept me captivated! After reading this article, I would really like to visit The Magical World of Harry Potter one day!!

There was lots of information and inspirational ideas on interesting places to visit while in London.

Your entire website was visually pleasing to the eye and it left me wanting to read more and come back as a regular visitor.