Welcome to Globetrotter_G’s First Blog Post! :)


First of all, I want to welcome you all to my Lifestyle blog site! This is my First official blog post!

2017 is definitely the year that I finally decided to start this well overdue blog site. I have always wanted to create a blog site, but never really had the courage to do so! And another factor is… time! I have been making a lot of excuses about not officially launching my blog site. Procrastination is definitely out of the window and finally decided that this is the year to officially launch Globetrotter_G Lifestyle blog site.

Every week, I will be posting blogs be it travel, about London, health, beauty, fashion or life lessons. I will endeavour to post as much as I can in order for me to share my ideas and also give you tips and advice.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at globetrotterg@globetrotterg.com or use the contact us page by clicking here. Also feel free to comment below if you have any ideas or suggestions on what I should blog or you would like to share your experiences and top tips for our readers. Once again, Thank you! 🙂



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