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Deciding On Changing Mobile Networks, And Where To Find The Best Deal?

It’s Blog time guys from yours truly, Globetrotter_G!

I know you guys have noticed that it’s been a while since I last blogged!… Some of you may or may not know, but I have moved jobs. It’s a different industry that I’ve worked with, but I am enjoying every moment of it! I’ve been busy with work since I started, and we have massive projects that need completing. My energy and focus are making sure I dedicate my 100% commitment to the job. Weekends are spent relaxing, catching up with friends and family, or hosting personalised London walking tours. I will definitely need to start managing my time to create posts for you all in a very timely manner! I want to thank you, all for your patience and continued support!

Just a month ago, I was able to upgrade my mobile phone, thanks to the help of my brother, who gave me his old iPhone 7 in order for me to trade it in and pay lesser for a new Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Thank you, James Brian! It was time for an upgrade as I had my phone for nearly 3 years and I really want to use the new Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus phone.

Aside from the Samsung S10 Plus, I also got a really good deal for the Google Pixel 3a XL phone. I must say I super love the phone! This is going to be my blogger phone and the S10 Plus as my personal phone. A separate blog and/or vlog will be created for these phones, so stay tuned!

Since I’ve upgraded my phone, I’ve been thinking of upgrading my mobile network. I’ve been with my current network for about 3 years, and the reason I signed up with them was the fact I was able to use their generous roaming allowance for data, text, and call. Something that was beneficial back when I used to work as a Flight Attendant. However, I’ve been experiencing connection and data issues with them and think it’s time to change networks.

The current deal I have with this network is a 12-month Sim only, 12gb data, unlimited calls, and unlimited text. I found that having a sim-only deal very beneficial, and much affordable compared to signing up for a mobile phone plan. And signing up to a sim-only deal is much affordable than getting a pay as you go sim either.

Sim-only deals are when you sign up to a rolling contract which can be a 1 month, 12 months, 18 months, or even 24 months. I prefer this option than being tied to a 24-month contract with a mobile phone.

There are lots of sites that offer the best deals for Sim-only contracts (Even for Pay monthly mobile plans) out there. Recently, I found a price comparison site that I’ve been checking for sim-only deals, called Let’s just say that they’re like the jacks flight club of the Telecommunication world! As a busy Londoner, I personally want convenience when checking for the best deals and not jumping from one network after another to do a price match.

” I was able to find different deals from different mobile network providers!”

Since I am looking for a 12-month sim-only deal that offers me a minimum of 10gb of data and unlimited calls and unlimited text, that also allows me to use my data for roaming abroad on my holiday travels, this comparison site helps me filter this and shows me options of different mobile networks, data, calls, texts allowances, and price. Once you’ve selected you’re choice, you simply check the deal and that will take you to the mobile network’s website. I found a good deal that Voxi is offering and I am opting for this as my Blogger phone (It’s saying that you don’t use up your data when using selected Social media apps).

Skimming through the different prices for monthly sim-only deals.

***Please note: That pricing may be different from the time you check the site to what is posted on my blog***

Aside from Sim-only deals, you can even find deals for Mobile phone contracts, TV and Broadband providers. It’s pretty convenient and saves time, money and effort! I personally loved using this link and was such a lifesaver in making decisions on the new mobile network I should sign up with! (Although I am deciding between which 2 networks I should sign up with for my personal phone). I will keep you all posted!


Voxi Sim Card

*** Photo Credits to my photographer Sonam! Thank you by the way! 🙂 You can follow her on her Instagram @vitiligoxbeauty or click the link here.

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