The Year 2019 So Far…

I can’t believe it! It’s already March!… That’s 3 months already into the year 2019! The days have gone quick! The next thing we’ll know, is it’s going to be the Mid-year. But, I don’t want to think about that now! I am going to think of the “Now!!!.”

Speaking of March, I am extremely looking forward to the 3rd week of March, as it will officially be Spring! As some of you may know, Spring is my favourite season of the year! I’ll make sure to feature a blog post on Spring (Watch This Space!).

Since I haven’t posted a blog in a very long time, I’d like to share with you what the year 2019 has been for me so far!

January, was a special month for our family, as we welcomed a new family member “Hunter Grey.” After my brother and his girlfriend have been anticipating for the arrival of Baby Hunter, we’ve been eager to hear updates from Mimie’s delivery and photos of the baby! Up until now, I eagerly wait for the Instagram story updates of my Nephew from my brother and Mimie. I was so excited to meet my nephew for the First time too! I can’t help myself! That’s my First nephew and I am one proud Uncle! or perhaps Unc-tie! (Uncle/Auntie! LOL!).

Nephew and Uncle
The proud Uncle and his Nephew, Hunter Grey!

February and March combined has been busy for me! I’ve been busy at work, as well as busy thinking of ideas for future content posts on both my blog and my Youtube channel. In addition, I am also trying to meet other content creators to learn from them and gain insights and be inspired in the work they do! Being a Content Creator is a job on its own! It entails discipline, focus and consistency! Something that I am still learning along this journey.

Youtube Channel
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In addition, I’ve been trying to find online courses that I would like to learn and challenge myself! Adobe Photoshop is something that I am trying to master and I need to improve on that! I’ve been trying to find online courses that don’t break the bank, which is why I always check for courses on Udemy.

Udemy Courses
These are one of many courses I can find in Udemy!

Although there was a week or two that felt like it was already Spring, which makes me inspired, productive and happy… But for the most part of this year so far, has given me the Winter Blues as well! I’m sure most of you living in this part of the world may feel the same way too because this is what Winter can do to our mindset! But I spend my time overcoming them through watching Netflix or Amazon Prime series.

The Purge
Making use of my Amazon Prime Account and managed to finish Season 1 of The Purge!

So far, it’s been a great 2019! I am extremely positive that more things are coming my way! And I can’t wait to share it with you! I will endeavour to share more posts from London and also my travels especially!

How is the year 2019 for you so far? What are your goals? plans?

Make sure to make the best out of this year! And in the words of Marie Kondo… “Spark Joy!” Keep the things that sparks joy to you!

Love lots,


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