The Pyramids of Giza in Cairo. A Bucket List ticked!


The Pyramids of Giza was one of the landmarks of the world that I had on my bucket list. When I was young, I would imagine how majestic it is up close. The pyramids would always remind me of the time of the Pharoahs, Mummy, Cleopatra and Egyptian mythology. I have been fortunate to visit the pyramids and would like to share my experience.

We booked a half day tour to the pyramids and was taken on a private mini bus by our tour guide, Mohamed. As we went in and showed our entry tickets, I was wowed when I caught a glimpse of the First pyramid I saw in awe. Finally, this is happening. What was once on my bucket list, is finally happening!


Our lovely Tour guide, Mohamed!


Mohamed’s business card for those looking to book a private tour guide.


I was in “Awe” when I First had a glimpse of the Pyramids!


The First pyramid I saw was the Pyramid of King Khufu. In ancient Egypt, these pyramids served as tombs for the ancient royal families. I’m sure the First thing that comes into your minds are Pyramids = Mummy.


There are Three things that you can do while you are in the Pyramids of Giza:


1.) Climb the Pyramid of King Khufu (But with care please!)

This was something I had to do, and was a great experience to climb on One side of the pyramid of King Khufu. But whatever you do, please please be extra careful when walking around the tomb. You also have the option to go inside the tomb for an extra fee which I did not opt for. But for those who would like to experience and see the inside of the pyramid, it is recommended by those who went in.


Be Careful as you climb up the side of the pyramid of King Khufu! But it will be an amazing experience!




2.) The Camel ride

So this was something that was not on my agenda initially, as I was afraid I would fall off the camel or something worse can happen. As Mohamed spoke to one of the guys who deals with the Camel ride, I couldn’t resist this new experience. As they say, “If you can’t beat them, join them!”

You have to ride the Camel!


I feel like I’m on Top of the world!


Selfie with my new friend!


This was the very First time I saw an actual camel. When I travelled to the Middle East, especially to Dubai, I have missed out on the Desert safari and never had the chance to see an actual camel. So seeing a real camel for the very First time was an amazing experience.


This was such a great experience riding a Camel. I feel I’ve connected with the Camel!


My advice to you guys is negotiate the price of the camel ride before getting on in One to avoid disappointment!



3.) Kiss The Great Sphinx

Having a photo with the Sphinx (A large human-headed Lion) is definitely a must-do when visiting the pyramids of Giza. So after a few naps and selfies here and there, our Tour guide told us we should have a picture kissing The Great Sphinx. Although, I did not have a great picture kissing The Great Sphinx, it was great fun doing it! 🙂




The Great Sphinx


This is the part where I have to kiss the Great Sphinx!





Overall, I really enjoyed my time in The Pyramids of Giza in Cairo, Egypt. It was something that I’ve always wanted to experience. This is One of the 7 wonders of the world. As you enjoy your visit to the pyramids, I really want to point out a few things as well from my experience:

1.) When you pay for a Camel ride, negotiate properly how much you need to pay. Just tell them how much you can afford and never shortchange the locals. A few Egyptian Pound may not mean a lot to you, but may mean a lot for these locals.

2.) Same goes with souvenirs. The locals are doing all the best they can to make some earning for their families. The souvenirs they sell there are of good quality as well from what I bought (I bought a Queen Nefertiti and Pyramid souvenir and was good quality). My thoughts on this is that, if we can do something to help the locals make some earning for their family, you can do so by making a souvenir purchase. Tourism is a key income in Egypt!

The Queen Nefertiti souvenir I bought.


3.) Don’t forget to do the “Walk Like an Egyptian” pose as well! 🙂


Walk Like an Egyptian Pose!


If you had an amazing experience in Cairo and visiting The Great Pyramids of Giza or if this is in your bucket list, feel free to share them on the comments box below. Looking forward to hear from you all and thank you for reading my blog!








Travel Information:

1.) For fares to Cairo:

2.) For travel bookings, hotels and flight packages to Cairo and to other worldwide destinations:

3.) For more information about the Pyramids of Giza and Egypt, Click on the Egyptian Tourism Board link here.








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