The House Of MinaLima (A Hidden Gem Discovered For Harry Potter Fans)

You may have noticed that I am a massive fan of Harry Potter. I’ve read all the books and seen all the movies. However… I am yet to watch “The Cursed Child.” That is definitely something that I need to tick the box and will need the whole day or 2 days to watch it!

The Palace Theatre in Shaftesbury Avenue is Home to “Harry Potter and The Cursed Child.”



Earlier last year, when I started showing guests of London the inspirations and locations to the Harry Potter books and movies, there was One place that really caught my eye which is definitely a hidden gem for every Harry Potter fan and I’m so fortunate to have found it! It is in 26 Greek Street in Soho, a small quiet-ish area, that we find our hidden gem, The House of MinaLima (Between Old Compton Street and Romilly Street, where you can find The Palace Theatre, home of The Cursed Child play). At First, you may not find it until you see the colourful and a brightly-lit building that you realise that we finally find our hidden gem!


It is in Greek Street, where you find The House of MinaLima!



The House of Mina Lima started as a Pop-up shop in July 2016 for a year and then decided to turn it into a permanent place of interest for Harry Potter Fans and those who are interested of their artwork. For those of you who are wondering, what The House of MinaLima is all about?… It was founded by the 2 Graphic designers of the ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘The Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’ movies, Miraphora Mina from the UK and Eduardo Lima from Brazil, who are showcasing their Graphic designs throughout their 15-year creative collaboration. They have contributed a lot to the Harry Potter movies and it is in this place where we can find some of their creations.

What’s good about this place before making you’re way there?… Entrance is “Free!”


It’s Free to enter!


Peeping through the window.


Spot Mina and Lima in this picture? 😉


This place has 4 extremely special floors. The Ground floor is the shop itself where you get to purchase Harry Potter souvenirs (And yes, there are Hogwarts house badges too!). Unfortunately, if you are looking for wands, they do not sell these here.



Ground Floor:


Ground Floor



Which Hogwarts House do you belong to?


Off we go to the First floor!



The First Floor:


This is where you find The Daily Prophet and The New York Ghost (Fantastic Beast film). There are lots of details that you can find on these papers that we don’t take notice in the Big screen. Unfortunately, they are not holographic like in the movie, but it feels like the characters in the paper moves if you look closely! (This may or may not be proven effective for some but I have that vibe when I stare at the papers!)



Daily Prophet! Daily Prophet!… Read all about it!




The Second Floor:

My Favourite floor! It’s colourful and showcases some of the props of the Weasley brothers “Weasley Wizard Wheezes,” Quills (check the door!), The Howler (when Molly Weasley sent one to Ron in the Chamber of Secrets movie), The Marauders map that didn’t make it into the Big screen because of spelling errors (which had 2 by the way!). And speaking of spelling errors, make sure to check the biggest Marauder’s Map! (Clue: You’re standing on it! LOL!). On certain days, you can create your paper aeroplane with gold dust! How magical is that? If it doesn’t work for you, imagine how it is for the kids if you’re travelling as a family!


Acceptance letters everywhere



A section dedicated to “Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes”



The biggest Marauders Map is here!



The Third Floor:

This is the most serene room for me! (Unless it’s jampacked!). As you make your way to this floor, make sure to make your way to the door straight ahead. This area is what they call “The Library!” There’s a chimney with acceptance letters around it (This might remind you of the First Harry Potter movie at The Dursley’s). Here you can more Artwork of some of the books that we may or may not have taken notice of the movie. But the One that you should definitely look for is the potions book that was used in the 6th movie “Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince when Harry found a used potions book in the cupboard on One of his classes.




The Book that Dolores Umbridge handed her students in Defence Against the Dark Arts class in “Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix”


This was the potions book that Harry Potter took from the Cupboard that was owned by the Half-Blood Prince. This was handwritten by Miraphora Mina herself.


when you leave this room, the next room is where you find some Artwork for the movie “Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them!” a Harry Potter prequel and talks about Newt Scamander. Before you make your way to this room, keep an eye out for a hand that is poking from the ceiling!


Fantastic Beasts


Newt Scamander’s suitcase



The whole area makes you feel you’re stepping into the Magical World of Harry Potter! Everything about it is perfectly-themed! I never get fed up visiting this place over and over again. When I host tours, I usually take my guests to this place for the experience. If you’re a massive Harry Potter fan and you love everything and anything about Harry Potter, then is definitely the place to be! So get ready Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Hufflepuffs! And enjoy The House of MinaLima!





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Wow! This is amazing. The place is so beautiful 😀


That looks so cool!!! I need to visit here next time I go to London. I am a huge Harry Potter fan as well.