The Canvas Cafe… Happiness Not Just From a Cup Of Coffee!

My friend, Monika invited me to check this place in Shoreditch called the “Happy Cafe.” Since I rarely get to visit Shoreditch, I thought to myself… “Why not?!” It would be great to visit the cafe and the Shoreditch neighbourhood for a change of scenery. So One Saturday afternoon, we decided to visit Shoreditch and made our way to the Canvas Cafe, also known as ” The Happy Cafe. “

The day before we went to Happy Cafe,  I decided to watch a youtube video about the owner of The Cafe, Ruth Rogers and her inspiring story on how The Canvas Cafe came to be. The Cafe was launched in 2015 and the idea started with a Sofa, where Ruth encouraged people to write inspiring messages. Here’s a Youtube video of how the Canvas Cafe came to be (Youtube Video Published by Ruth Rogers):




As we found the cafe, The Bright Yellow sign caught my eye (And Yellow is one of my favourite colour). It is the perfect colour to use because Yellow is the colour of “Joy,” and this is what the Cafe is all about, bringing happiness and joy.


The Canvas Cafe from the outside




My impression was that it had a very relaxed atmosphere with lots of writings on the wall… After all, it is called “The Canvas Cafe!.” As we approached the till the staff warmly greeted us and took our orders. I then ordered a Soya Milk Latte which tastes really good. Since a work colleague of mine treated me to a cup of Soya Milk Latte, I started having the like for it. Although I do not have a dietary requirement or Lactose intolerance, I just love the taste of Soya Milk.

But aside from hot and cold beverages, they also have a selection of healthy food and sweet treats such as Salads, Sandwiches, Chocolate Hazelnut cake to name a few.




My Soya Milk Latte


Monika feeling the “Happy Vibe” at The Canvas Cafe! 🙂



Since it was my First time in the cafe, the staff were very accommodating to share about what to expect and see around the cafe, including the Museum of Happiness, that they have and also encouraged us to write something on the canvas wall (Which I realised I forgot to do! Oopss!). The wall has several questions and you freely write your thoughts or opinions. Doing this is very therapeutic, as sometimes, we are mostly expressive through writing and it is through writing that we can pour out our emotions… When we feel sad, disappointed, angry, apologetic, excited, inspired, grateful or happy. What sometimes words that can’t be spoken are entirely expressed through our thoughts, feelings and writing it down. This is is true, especially when you have practised writing what you are grateful for a piece of paper, or perhaps, on a personal “Gratitude Journal.” There’s magic in how our minds composed what we write using our feelings. So for someone who has a Gratitude Journal such as myself, can really attest to the fact that expressing your feelings through writing it down can be therapeutic and also creates a “Feel-good / Happy Factor!”





To all the Pokemon lovers! Pikachu can be found here! I’m catching him before you all can! hehe!



Aside from the Ground floor, the basement accommodates more customers and guests to the Canvas Cafe. It has a quaint and quiet vibe to it (It was quite as it was midday on a Saturday). It’s perfect especially if you want to have a “soul-searching” time for yourself and more walls to write your thoughts.








Museum of Happiness

After checking the Ground Floor and the Basement, I wanted to see the Museum of Happiness. It’s a dedicated area where they offer well-being at free community events such as meditation and yoga to name a few. It’s a place where you can “Feel-Good!’ about yourself and a place to express gratitude and your happiness. It’s a place to say how grateful you are to your friends, family and loved ones. It’s a place where you express it in writing.











As we left the Canvas Cafe, I reflected on lots of things… In life, we need to look within us to discover ourselves. We need to reflect on how we live life and how the people close to us influences us… How others can touch the depths of our emotions, how they bring out our feelings. Although we may not be very expressive directly to those close to us, The Canvas Cafe is an avenue to express how we feel through the words that come out of our minds and writing it down on a wall.  I believe that the person we address our happiness or feelings or something that we express what we’ve written will be sent out to the universe. When you visit the Canvas Cafe, be sure to write your thoughts and feelings on their wall, after all… Happiness is not just from a cup of coffee.









  • To know more about the Canvas Cafe, click the link here. (Address: The Canvas Cafe: 42 Hanbury St, London, E1 5JL)
  • For more information on The Workshops provided by the Happiness Museum, Click here.
  • To get to The Canvas Cafe in Shoreditch, check the TFL website here or the Canvas Cafe Visit Us information here.
  • If you are planning to visit the Canvas Cafe and other sights in London:
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