Paying Tribute At Westminster On A Friday Afternoon

Today was such a beautiful day to enjoy Central London. I decided to make my way at High Street Kensington to visit the Cathedral, which I normally do. I then got on the tube to Green Park via Gloucester Road, to enjoy the scenery and relax.




As I was walking to Picadilly Circus, I wanted to make a detour to Westminster. I just had that urge to make my way there. So I did. As I made my way there via Pall Mall, I saw an Ice Cream van, and couldn’t resist having My First Springtime ice cream which was with Flake chocolate and Strawberry syrup. Made my day complete! 🙂




The Lovely Ice Cream Lady! :)






Making my way to Westminster and seeing the Big Ben, I couldn’t help but feel emotional, especially with what happened a few days ago here. It seemed like another normal day around the area, and entrance to the Parliament on the side street was blocked. There were lots of people in the area and you can see all the excitement and happiness of the tourists. I couldn’t resist feeling like a tourist myself and had taken some selfies of me with the Big Ben as the background.


Big Ben




Big Ben (The Elizabeth Tower) is a very symbolic icon of London and the chimes it makes at a certain time is pleasing to the ears. This is also where you also find the House of Parliament.

Walking to the scene of the incident, I saw several flowers hanged on one of the pillars by the bridge. and even more in front of the entrance. I couldn’t stop but feel emotional whilst I stood there. I offered my respects and prayers to those who lost their lives whilst I stood there.  It made me realize how precious our lives are and we need to live it to the fullest. I have posted a blog on Living Life To The Fullest if you would like to read it here.




Paying tribute in Westminster





Overall, I felt very blessed today. It was such a perfect day to enjoy the beautiful spring. Always remember guys, Life is too short! Enjoy it and make the best out of it! And be grateful always for what you have and for the people that care for you!





If you were to enjoy this day, what would you and how would enjoy it? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below or alternatively, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me on Contact Globetrotter_G.

Thank you for reading this blog! 🙂



Getting to Westminster:

(Tube or Bus)  – Check the TFL site here or Download the Citymapper app here.

Nearest Tube station: Westminster Station (Jubilee Line)






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