Never Have Doubts And Always Believe In Yourself!


Hello everyone!

Where has the time been? I just realised that I did not keep my promise of regularly updating you all with blog after blog. I know… “Excuses… Excuses!” But I have been brainstorming on possible projects and ideas to help me on my new journey. I have been busy with a few gigs, which I really enjoyed and will be blogging about it soon! So stay tuned! 😉

But aside from that, I have been debating whether to carry on with blogging. I know that I have just started blogging earlier this year, but a part of me is saying to stop or procrastinate from blogging. However, I have been saying to myself over and over again, asking myself as to “Why I wanted to blog in the First place?” I have always wanted to blog years ago and because of circumstances, I never got the chance to. I had to keep reflecting on the life lesson and what blogging has done for me. It has been extremely therapeutical and I am able to connect with friends that I have not spoken in a very long time and met new friends who regularly follow my blog. I have friends messaging me and telling me how inspired they are with the blogs I’ve written.

But aside from that, I have written this blog to use it as a platform of information and inspiration for you, my readers to get insights on what I share with you all… whether it is about London, Life Lessons, Beauty, Health or Travel. This blog is not just all about me! It is about how my blog can benefit the readers and pick up something new and informative from my point of view. This is why I am never giving up on my blogs!


Blogging gave me a platform to express my thoughts!

Just last summer, I had an interview for an Advertising magazine company for their Media Sales role and I thought I had the job in the bag. But during the 4th stage of the assessment, I was asked a very challenging and thought-provoking question, which I had an inkling feeling that this had cost me the job. I stammered in what I said to some of the questions and my energy levels did not match how I answered the questions. I know that I answered the questions to the best of my knowledge and was well researched, but was not enough for me to get the nod. Before the interview concluded, I was told by the assessor that I have to believe in myself even more! I had the experience and lifelong beneficial skills, but it was not showing on the assessment.

He was right! The questions got the better of me and I did not believe in myself and prove to them that I was the best candidate for the role. After hearing for a week from them, I got the “No” but was complimented that I was One of the best candidates they’ve interviewed.

Since then, I started re-evaluating myself and to get rid of the negative feeling of self-doubt and replace it with self-belief! Then, I re-read the book by Rhonda Byrne called “The Secret.” I have read the book and watched the video before, but I saw it in my drawer and realised how this book helped me before. It took some reflections, but now I realised that I should never doubt myself and always believe in what I can do! Another thing I need to get rid of is procrastination and always making excuses! This time, there is none of that!


I try to read this book called “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne over and over again!


I will continue to blog and share with you, the readers and will continue to inspire you all with my blog posts!


Never Give up!

Do you have a similar story that you doubted and didn’t believe in yourself?

Thank you, for your continued support!





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