My Hometown Cebu, Philippines from my Brothers Lens.

Hello! Hello! Hello! 🙂

Once again, I would like to thank you, for following my blog page! It’s been quite some time since I last blogged. I can assure you guys that I am here to carry on the torch of blogging. This has been my frustration for years because I never really had the courage to blog. But now, I have been lucky to have this opportunity to blog about what I love and enjoy! I get to blog about London, which is my 2nd home, my travels then and now, the fascinating people and special individuals that I get to meet on a daily basis and who have been a part of my journey, my friends and family who have been extremely and genuinely supportive with my passion to blog and also I get to talk about the things that matters to me the most in life and about my hometown in Cebu, Philippines.


The Philippine Sunset


Speaking of Cebu, I would like to share a little something about Cebu as friends here in the UK and other parts of the world are very curious about Cebu and are very excited to visit Cebu. Whenever a friend or an acquaintance asks me about Cebu and what to do in Cebu, I become the Ambassador that I am and have an endless list of things to do and I always try my best to offer help when they are in Cebu and even if I’m here in London in case something happens.


An incredible way to enjoy Cebu is to dive with the Whale Sharks.


Cebu is in the heart of the Philippines, located in the Region of Visayas and considered the Queen City of the South.

Cebu is the place to relax and enjoy yourself at the beach.


My brother James Brian


I will be talking more about Cebu from my own perspective on my next Travel blog. For now, I would like to share with you the video compilation that my brother, James Brian, created on our holiday in Cebu. He captured videos mainly from the Southern part of Cebu, focusing on Oslob, Badian, Moalboal, Alcantara and Talisay City. He spent more time in these areas than the City Centre and Nothern Cebu. I would like to share this video with you all to bring inspiration and nostalgia to those who wished to visit Cebu and for those coming home to visit friends and family. This is how my brother captured Cebu through his lens! I hope you enjoy the video.



If you were inspired by the video compilation my brother created about Cebu or you have visited Cebu and would like to share your experience, please don’t hesitate to share them in the comments box below. Looking forward to hearing from you all! 🙂





Special Thanks to this amazing person for creating this video, my brother James Brian!

My brother James Brian


For Travel Deals and Fares to Cebu, please click one of my partner links below:

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  3. For flights, Qatar Airways flies to the Manila via Doha with connections to Cebu. Check their site here.

My brother has used a GoPro Hero Session Camera for most of his shots especially when he was swimming with the Whale Sharks. If you would like to know more about this product, check my Amazon link here.




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3 years ago

Wow your brother’s editing skills is so amazing ? Cebu is my second home and I have lots of good memories in this place not to mention the variety of good food and delicacies they offer.. I always recommend this place to all my friends here in Dubai.. I hope to visit Cebu on my next vacation. Keep it up Geoff! More travel blogs please.. ☺️