Mini-Europe Brussels

Mini-Europe In Brussels, Belgium (Europe in One City)

If there’s something that got me thrilled about my City break in Brussels aside from reconnecting with the city, seeing the Manneken Pis, The Grand Place, enjoying the Waffles, Pralines and Fries… It would have to be a visit to the Mini-Europe. I First had my fascination with the place when I saw pictures of it online. It reminded me of The Window of the World in Shenzen, China (That is on my bucket list of places to visit). Miniature replica landmarks and buildings of the many cities around Europe.

Located not far from the Atomium, It’s a few minutes walk from Heysel/Heizel station (Line 6), which was my stop from Brussels Central Station via Beekkant station.


Brussels Central Station
Brussels Central Station which is 3-5 minutes away from the Grand Place.


Brussels Day Travel Card
If you are going all around Brussels by train/tram, I suggest purchasing a Day Travel card which you can get in the station.



Train Lines
Train Lines are based on numbers and colours. I took Line 5 to go Beekkant Station and then took Line 6 (Blue Line) to Heysel Station to get me to Mini-Europe.


Heysel Station


The Atomium in Brussels
Appreciating The Atomium as I make my way to Mini-Europe.


As I made my way to Mini-Europe entrance, I paid 15.30 Euros for a single entry. They also do combo rates for both Mini-Europe and Atomium, so it’s best to check if you are thinking of visiting both places.



Ticket Desk in Mini-Europe
Check the ticket prices for Mini-Europe and any other special sights around the area at the ticket desk.


For €15.30, I can enjoy the sights that Mini-Europe has to offer.


The park itself was opened in 1989. To this date, they feature landmarks of the many European Union member countries and boasts over 300 buildings and over 70 cities around Europe. The moment I stepped into the park, I was overwhelmed with what I’ve seen… Buildings here and Buildings there! Could not even contain my excitement seeing the Big Ben! (The One here in London is covered in scaffold. Check the article here).

My Journey in the Mini-Europe park starts in Scandinavia and ended in Greece! I was just wowed by all the designs and how much detail was put into every landmark. I was definitely walking around Europe in One place! As I enjoyed my walk around Mini-Europe, I have listed the Best things that I love about the park:



  1. Get up close with Europe’s famous landmarks: 

As I walk deeper into the park, I am greeted with lots of landmarks, that are famous and some new to me! It was “Magical!” 

It felt like being in Disneyland’s “It’s a Small World” ride of the world… minus the dolls/puppets singing. I’ve seen the Nyhavn waterfront of Copenhagen, Denmark to The Grand Place of Brussels in Belgium to The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy and The Big Ben of London, UK to name a few.


Nyhavn Waterfront of Copenhagen, Denmark
Nyhavn waterfront from Copenhagen, Denmark


Grand Place Min-Europe
The miniature version of Brussels The Grand Place.


Leaning Tower of Pisa
Trying to push The Leaning Tower of Pisa.


Big Ben
The Majestic Big Ben of London, UK



2.) There’s an aircraft runway (Suitable for Aviation Geeks… Like ME!!!)

What is interesting about this park is that they even have a mini-runway, where planes would be taxiing and preparing for take-off on the runway. Although these planes do not literally take-off, unfortunately, but seeing it in this park make every aviation geeks excited to be here.


These aircraft are ready for Take-Off! It looks like the Air France aircraft is.




3) Educational

Every City and landmark featured in Mini-Europe tells a story about that country’s history and association to The European Union, Currency, Population, Capital City and Land Mass. Very educational if you are learning about European Geography.


The Blue Church in Bratislava, Slovakia
The Blue Church in Bratislava in Slovakia.


Mogoşoaia Palace in Bucharest, Romania
Mogoşoaia Palace in Bucharest, Romania


After a visit to the park, This is a very educational place and tells you more about the different European countries.


4) Inspired to travel more around Europe

Mini-Europe has given me a glimpse of the beauty around Europe. There are lots of places within this continent that are yet to be appreciated, discovered and visited. They stimulate our imagination of what every city would look like and its history. It gave me an idea on my next travels in Europe. Somewhere that I can appreciate and enjoy, thanks to the inspiration that Mini-Europe has brought to me and the other visitors to the park!


The Acropolis of Athens, Greece
The Acropolis of Athens, Greece. Still on my Bucket list!


Seville, Spain
The Maestranza in Seville, Spain. A Place where you get to watch a live Bullfight.


Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany!
Berlin, Germany’s Brandenburg Gate!




This place made us embrace Europe as One region, One Continent… And being a European citizen myself… Being British! We need to be proud of the diversities that we have here in Europe as it makes us a very fascinating, magical, regal and majestic Continent in the world.


Melk Abbey Austria
Austria’s Melk Abbey


Eiffel Tower of Paris
Eiffel Tower




Doge's Palace and St. Mark's Campanile of Venice, Italy.
Doge’s Palace and St. Mark’s Campanile of Venice, Italy.

I cannot wait for my return to Brussels and my visit once more to Mini-Europe! Don’t miss out on this place!




Important Information:

  • Whilst Mini-Europe may be open at most times, but please check their website for opening times as they have closed the park at certain periods. To avoid frustration, please visit their website here.
  • Anything you need to know about Brussels transportation, visit their site here.
  • Thinking of travel inspirations to Brussels, including Eurostar and/or hotel and flight bookings, check here.



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Pavel Petrov
3 years ago

Wow, that’s cute. Didn’t know of the existence of this mini Europe ?