I’m Loving My Popcorn… The Pop ‘n Sprinkle Way!

Back in December, I posted on my Instagram account my favourite snack at Vue Cinema, which was a Sweet Popcorn. Having a snack while watching a movie brings out the excitement and full cinema experience for me. Although there are lots of choices at the cinema for snacks, I always go for the most popular choice… Popcorn! Growing up in the Philippines during my childhood and teenage days, I always enjoyed flavoured popcorn, and remembered it was always Sour Cream or Cheese as an option. These were my Top 2 choices and really enjoyed them. Unfortunately, in the UK, there are no choices for flavoured popcorn. It was either Sweet or Salted, which I personally found bland. Since then, I went for the Sweet popcorn and would kindly ask the cinema attendant to dig from the bottom as I felt that it’s more caramelised! Yum!

It wasn’t until I watched a movie in Johannesburg in South Africa that I got to enjoy a flavoured popcorn. These flavoured powders were just around the Snacks station and you could help yourselves to it! I got very excited when they had Sour Cream… It definitely made my day and made my cinema experience fun and amazing! Speaking of South Africa, this is when my Popcorn flavour frenzy started once again when I posted that Popcorn picture on Instagram with 2 sachets of Candy Caramel from a company called Pop’n Sprinkle, which I love! love! love!!!!

Vue Cinema Pop'n Sprinkle Popcorn
My Instagram post on Pop’n Sprinkle while enjoying a Sweet flavoured Popcorn in Vue Cinema.


Because of that post, I had the pleasure of being in touch with The 2 founders of Pop’n Sprinkle Shannon Teague and Michele Duplessis, who were both South African’s and loved the idea of a flavoured popcorn as they were accustomed to the Popcorn flavoured powders watching movies in South Africa. Because of that, they decided to create Pop’n Sprinkle. Just like Shannon and Michele, I definitely felt the same sentiments of adding flavour to your popcorn, since I was used to enjoying popcorn that way.

They have 6 flavours. They are:

  • Candy Caramel
  • Cheesy Onion
  • Creamy Butter
  • Salt & Vinegar
  • Sour Cream ‘n Chive
  • Sweet Chilli



Candy Caramel


Cheesy Onion


Creamy Butter


Salt & Vinegar


Sour Cream 'n Chive



Sweet Chilli


I love all of them personally, but if I had to choose… I would be biased to say it’s definitely Sour Cream ‘n Chive that takes the win for me! It only takes one flavoured powder on a massive bowl of popcorn to enjoy a fun and flavourful popcorn. If you have not tried flavouring your Popcorn, then this is your chance to enjoy it! Who says you only have to enjoy your Popcorn Sweet or Salted?!


Sour Cream 'n Chice and Salt & Vinegar.
Sour Cream ‘n Chive and Salt & Vinegar.


Whether you are binge-watching on Netflix or Amazon Prime or watching that early 2000’s movie at home or watching that latest film on the Big screen at Vue Cinemas (As you can only find these at selected Vue cinemas in the UK and Ireland)… I hope you enjoy a Pop’n Sprinkle experience! Also, before I forget… Amazon also has these Pop’n Sprinkle available for purchase.



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