I Left My Heart In Winter Wonderland London!

So, it seems like Christmas is definitely in our midst! It’s that time of the year where everyone is happy, excited, yet busy because most of us are busy with Christmas shopping for gifts for friends, family, colleagues and love ones. It is also that time of the year where the majority of us are busy setting Christmas decorations at home or at work. Better yet, we can start hearing Christmas songs played on the radio and in shops. Excited?… I am! 🙂

Speaking of Christmas, I met up with a friend of mine, Kerry to join me at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. This is one the biggest Christmas-themed amusement park in Europe. It has been a good few years since I last visited Winter Wonderland and after missing a few Winter Wonderland moments, it was time to go back and feel the magic of Christmas in Winter Wonderland where I felt I definitely left my heart there! (Oh, the drama-queen in me! But hey! You do get emotional there too!).

It was a very busy Saturday late afternoon and was One of the coldest day ever where I had to drink a few cups of hot drinks throughout. I and Kerry, walked all the way from Piccadilly Circus to Hyde Park to avoid the mad rush in the tube (Underground Train). As we got there, there was a massive queue but didn’t take very long for us to get in. But once the school holiday comes, that will definitely be the busiest times to visit Winter Wonderland. So make sure, to visit earlier.


Can’t wait to set foot in the Magical Winter Wonderland!



As we stepped in from the entrance, that is when the magic of Christmas began. Everyone looked really happy where you can hear and feel the excitement and happiness of the other visitors. People taking selfies, eating cotton candies, drinking hot chocolate and what we’ve noticed that there were lots of visitors carrying these large cuddly stuff toys with them and taking selfies here and there. I and Kerry got into the excitement mode already and started taking pictures and selfies ourselves.




Surrounded by Colourful balloons means bliss for me!



Winter Wonderland is packed with over 100s of rides, games, shows, ice skating, bars and not to mention a place to sing your hearts desires (Yes! You can rent One of the mini rooms for Karaoke with friends). It was very overwhelming but it kept us entertained and makes for the excitement of the park. I and Kerry decided not to go on One of the rides as it was too cold and we really wanted a chilled Saturday night. Instead, we tried our luck in One of the games by knocking out cans to win a massive Donut stuff toy. Unfortunately, we came home empty-handed on that. Better luck next time!


I wanted One of the Donut stuff toys!


More Donut Stuff Toy!


Try to win a Pug stuff toy on a Dart game


Or a Massive Toblerone! But don’t be fooled as it isn’t a Pound size chocolate inside. But still a must-win! 🙂


Or Pokemon lovers, you can try your luck winning a Pikachu stuff toy!



One of the things that I and Kerry have not done throughout our visit to Winter Wonderland was to get on at least One of the rides. It was just too cold for us and we were more overwhelmed and excited to enjoy the walk around the park and having a chilled mini night out as there are places to chill, have a snack and enjoy a drink.


The Munich Looping ride! Perfect for thrill seekers and roller coaster fans!



The Bavarian Village is a must visit if you want to feel what Oktoberfest would be, but in Christmas!


These amazing German performers keeping the visitors entertained in the Bavarian Village.



Time to savour an all-time Christmas drink… Mulled Wine! 🙂

Mulled Wine!


Mulled Wine and Winter Wonderland is the perfect combination! 🙂


The lovely Kerry enjoying Winter Wonderland!



You should try their burgers!



   Overall, it was such an amazing evening spent in Winter Wonderland!  I really felt joy, happiness and it was such a fun time there, where everyone was just having a great time. It truly caters to everyone whether young or young at heart, where all of a sudden you’d realise that you left your heart, not in San Francisco, but in Winter Wonderland.


Sweet treats for everyone!



What’s cooking Santa Claus?




  If you are looking for Christmas inspirations here in London, then this is definitely a must visit. The best thing is, entrance to the Park is free! So all you need to pay is for the rides, shows, food, and drinks! I wish you all have a magical time if you visit Winter Wonderland here in London and please feel free to share your experience with us on your visit! What was your unforgettable Christmas Fair experience?…




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