The First Snow In London For Winter 2017!

So I woke up on a gloomy Sunday morning! At First, I thought, it was just raining… Until I opened the curtains and realised that it is SNOWING! My First reaction was “WOW! It is definitely snowing!” A few days back, it was predicted to snow. However, there are times when the weather prediction or forecast can be inaccurate. But definitely not this one! I was meant to meet my friend in Central London who was going to join me for some Christmas Shopping, however, there were lots of signal disruptions on the London Underground. I had to cancel my shopping rendezvous with my friend and instead, decided to enjoy the snow around the neighbourhood.



It’s really snowing!



I made sure I was all geared up for a very Snowy Sunday afternoon with an appropriate winter outfit. I just realised that I lost my pair of gloves, so went out without one. But that didn’t stop me from going out and getting all excited about the snow!


Ditched the gloves, but who cares? I’m still going to enjoy this day!



The First time I remembered experiencing snow was when I was in my toddler years when we used to live in Northen Ireland. I would have my own Toy spade and bucket to play in the garden with snow. I would make my Snowman, as you would when it snows. After all, Elsa and Anna start singing “Do you want to make a Snowman” in the all-time favourite cartoon movie “Frozen.” We all need an Olaf the Snowman when it snows!


Olaf is here!



Start singing “Do you want to make a Snowman?…”



As I visited our neighbourhood’s park, there were lots of families playing in the snow, throwing snowballs and really enjoying this very beautiful snowy Sunday. There were even lots of couples taking their dogs to enjoy the park, where I met a very friendly Pitbull who seemed very happy and was enjoying the snow! I think snow brings lots of positive energy that even animals can feel it!




Snow brings positive energy!



Experiencing snow in December for me is the best time! It best suits the theme for Christmas. Now, that is why we dream of a “White Christmas!”


Are you dreaming of a White Christmas?




For some, snow is a good excuse to relax and enjoy the indoors… In other words, the comforts of your home. A time to maybe enjoy a Hot Chocolate… And for the Christmas theme… Mince Pie! After I enjoyed snow in the park, I decided to go indoors and enjoy a delightful lunch at Nandos!


A Cheeky Nandos to keep me warm from walking around the neighbourhood to enjoy this Snowy Sunday!



Snow can mean many things for us! It can be meaningful, nostalgic, magical, depressing or brings special memories of the yesteryears! Some would see this as a dream come true, as not everyone is fortunate to see or experience snow in their lives and being at the right place at the right time can mean a lot to them. For me, snow means joy, happiness, and positive energy! For someone who believes in the law of attraction, I made sure I thanked God and the Universe for this very beautiful day!




Snow is Love!



I made it a point to say “Thank you!” to God and the Universe for this beautiful snowy Sunday!




How was your Sunday? Please share your Sunday memories or your memories of Snow! I look forward to hearing from you!


Love lots,




Love lots from Globetrotter_G


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