Blogger-Vlogger life… Enjoying The Best of Both Worlds!

Hello! Hello! Hello!!!

Wow! I can’t believe that it’s already September! Where has the time gone?. I know that most of you have been anticipating another blog post from myself and it felt like that I’ve “Gone with the wind!” These last few months have been extremely crazy and busy for me! I have been juggling between my full-time job, with my freelance work as a personal tour guide as well as travelling in between and catching up with friends that I’ve not seen in a very very long time! But what’s also been keeping me extremely busy is the fact that I’ve been stressing out with launching my Youtube channel!


Youtube Vlogger
I am proud to say that I’m finally a Blogger and a Vlogger! 🙂

Yes, I decided to become a Youtube vlogger myself! This was something that I’ve been suppressing myself for years and years. I never had the courage to vlog on Youtube at a time when it wasn’t as big as it is now! The uncertainties, doubts and during that time, the stress of the possibility that I will be reprimanded for using Social media when I was working in the Airline industry. I must say, I really regretted not following my instincts of just “doing it!” when the opportunity came! However, all is not lost and I realised that it’s never too late! So, if you are in the same situation as I was a few years, just follow your calling and, if vlogging or blogging is your passion, then Do it!!!

I am even more excited now that I have fulfilled both blogging and vlogging! And will be going out there strong, confident and showing my personality to every blog and vlog I create to inspire you all and make you smile! 🙂  I can finally draw more inspiration to carry on with my blogging!


The Body Shop
Doing a test shoot in Yellow with The Body Shop’s ‘Banana Yogurt Lotion’ I love the smell of it too!

I am happy to announce, that my Youtube channel is up and running!!! YEY!!! You can check it here! Please don’t forget to follow my journey by subscribing to my channel! If you like my videos, don’t forget to give it a like and share too!

I cannot thank enough my friends, family and people who are instruments of God and the Universe, who were my source of inspiration and talked and pushed me to pursue my passion for vlogging. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You guys know who you are! I am extremely blessed to have you all in my life!

Once again, Thank you, for all your continued support and for following me on my journey here on! See you on my next blog… and vlog! 🙂


Globetrotter G




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