6 Reasons Why I Love To Be A Happy Lemon At Happy Lemon!

When you walk around Chinatown in London, you feel like you are transported to a part of Asia. You see hints of Red and Gold, which are colours that represent luck (Red) and wealth (Gold) respectively in the Chinese culture. The entire neighbourhood is packed with restaurants, bakery, shops that sell various Asian/Oriental delicacies and not to mention… Bubble Teas. Now, for those of you who are wondering what a Bubble Tea is, it’s a refreshing drink, which can be fruit flavoured or milk flavoured teas that come with Tapioca pearls that sit at the bottom (They are chewy and yes you can eat them). You have the option your Bubble tea hot or cold. Personally, I prefer mine cold.


Chinatown in London


You may have noticed different brands of Bubble teas that passers-by around Chinatown are holding and drinking. Different colours, different flavours, variants, sizes and logos. Of all the Bubble teas I’ve tried in Chinatown, Happy Lemon is one of my favourite ones and I got the chance to visit their Chinatown branch and met with their amazing staff under the management of Ison. They were very engaging and Ison found the time to interact with me. I will share with you guys 6 reasons why I love to be a happy lemon at Happy Lemon:




1.) Taiwanese Bubble Tea at its best!



Happy Lemon in Chinatown London


When I asked Ison about a brief history of Happy Lemon and was told that it originated and was founded in Taiwan in 2006. Their First European Bubble tea shop was opened in 2015 in China town, London and now has branches around the UK in Birmingham’s China town, Manchester’s China town and Coventry Warwick University. Happy Lemon also has branches across cities in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA, Australia, Thailand, South Korea and the Philippines ( In Manila and Cebu ).  

Their signature drink, “Rock Salted Cheese” is definitely something to try and would entice the taste buds.

What I noticed with Happy Lemon in China town London is that it is mostly queued and very busy, but well worth it!



2.) The Logo


The Happy Lemon Logo (Disclaimer: Photo taken from the Happy Lemon Twitter page)


One of the things that really caught my attention with Happy Lemon is their logo. The First thing I said to the lovely staff that I love their logo. It really suits the brand and Yellow is one of my favourite colours. I best describe the logo as an animated Lemon with a head that winks back at you. It’s a simple yet colourful logo, but subliminal. However, a logo makes a brand image strong and this is what makes them attractive to the Bubble Tea lovers. So thumbs up for this!



3.) Makes me feel at home and bringing me back to Asia!



Coming from an Asian-Oriental background, I grew up enjoying Bubble Tea. When I lived in Cebu, Philippines, I remembered having my First Bubble tea and enjoyed it since then. Visiting Happy Lemon gave me that “Feel At Home” vibe that I had and makes me nostalgic of the Philippines for some reason. During my Uni days in Cebu, it used to be one of our “hang-out” place by myself and my classmates after class. Although the space inside the Happy Lemon shop may not be very spacious, but the seats inside the shop are very cosy and when it is not busy, you definitely can enjoy a sit-down and chat with friends making it your “hang-out” place whilst enjoying their refreshing drink.


Facade from the outside



4.) Choices… And Lots of It!



I mentioned earlier that Happy Lemon’s signature drink is their “Rock Salted Cheese.” However, they more than just a Rock Salted Cheese to make you say to yourself “I’m having a confused dot com” moment, as they have a really good and tempting selection of drinks. From a choice of Classic Milk tea, Lemon smoothies, Milk tea smoothies, Fresh Lemon tea, Fresh tea beverage, Fresh fruit matcha latte and Specialty drinks. When I had to choose a drink, I felt like pulling my hair because of the countless of choices because I personally want to try them all. In the end, I went for the simple choice which was the Milk tea with Tapioca.

One of the popular choice aside from the Rock Salted cheese is the Mango Matcha Latte. Matcha is Japanese for powdered Green tea and if you have tried Matcha ice cream and you love the taste of it, then you will love the Mango Matcha Latte here.


If you want to check their other drinks choice, follow the link here.



5.) You can customise your Bubble Tea

So you have chosen which drink you’re having out of the countless of tempting choices that they offer, so now you can customise your chosen your Bubble tea.

Size wise, you have the option of going for the 500ml and 700 ml, then if you wanted it Hot or Cold. Your drink option may already have Tapiocas included, but you also have the option of adding extra toppings (for an extra fee) such as Red Bean, Pudding, Taro Ball, Roasted Tea Jelly, Lychee Jello and Lychee Jelly. Finally, you can choose the level of sweetness and ice you actually want in your Bubble tea. it ranges from 0%, 50%, 75% and 100%. Someone who has a sweet like me, I go for the 100% sweetness level and 50% Ice.

My Milk Tea with Tapioca and Pudding drink


Very Refreshing! 😉



6.) The Perks of a Loyaltea Card that you’ll wish every day is your Birthday!



So this leaves me to the very ultimate reason why I’m a Happy Lemon at Happy Lemon… The Perks of a LoyalTea Card! 🙂

The LoyalTea card is their point collection system for loyal Happy Lemon customers. The card costs £5 which you purchase from the staff and this gives you a Free drink with a choice of topping. The card needs to be activated online from the Happy Lemon site, or you can also activate here. Every time you make a purchase at Happy Lemon will entitle you to 1 point. 10 points will entitle you to a Free drink or any of their gift merchandise (Some merchandise may require more points so make sure you ask the staff).

And… This is the part where I wished every day is my birthday because they give you a Free birthday Bubble Tea drink treat! 🙂

Points don’t expire and can be redeemed at any Happy Lemon branch in the UK only.

Happy Lemon Stuff toy








Overall, I enjoyed my visit to Happy Lemon. The staff were very accommodating and engaging. As they grow and more people will be familiar with this Bubble Tea shop, I am hoping for their expansion as well to accommodate more Bubble Tea lovers.

On my next visit, I am looking forward to trying other flavours and their “Rock Salted Cheese” drink.

This place is a must-try and if you have not tried Bubble tea, then let Happy Lemon be your First. Don’t hesitate to ask the staff for recommendations as they can prepare your drink using powdered or fresh milk and also has a choice of English, Earl Grey or Black tea.




And before I forget, if you love cake, then definitely try their Japanese Cheesecake!


Japanese Cheesecake


I hope you enjoyed this blog post of the Happy Lemon. Feel free to share your Happy Lemon experience and your Happy Lemon pictures in the comments box below! 🙂






  • If you would like to know more about Happy Lemon, visit their site by clicking the link here.
  • London China Town Branch (As per the Happy Lemon website):

London China Town Branch

24A Newport Court
China Town
London WC2H 7JS

Tel: 0207 734 1966

Opening Hours:
Monday – Thursday:12 Noon – 10:30 PM (Last Order 10:00 PM

Friday – Saturday: 12 Noon – 11 PM (Last Order 10:45PM)

Sunday : 12 Noon – 10:30 PM (Last Order 10:00PM)

  • The nearest Tube station is Leicester Square station (Picadilly and Northern Line). Check the TFL website here.
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