5 Reasons To Love The New Body Shop White Musk L’eau Fragrance


The Body Shop is one of my favourite shops in the UK due to the wide variety of beauty selections and the deals that they offer. Most of their products are organic and fresh. I mainly use their body sprays and body butter which I speak highly of. I visited The Body Shop in Harrow-On-The-Hill to see what’s new in the fragrance section. One of the ladies advised me that they have the new White Musk L’eau Fragrance. After purchasing and trying it for myself, here are 5 reasons to love the new body shop White Musk L’eau Fragrance:


The Body Shop Harrow-On-The-Hill Branch (Lovely Staff over there too!)


Reason Number 1: The Ingredients

The First time I sprayed this scent, I can already smell a hint of Floral and Fruity. For someone who loves sweet smelling fragrance like me, it was definitely a thumb up and love the smell. As per the body shop site, these are the ingredients of the New White Musk L’eau:

  • Fresh & fruity eau de toilette
  • A fresh floral bouquet of rose and jasmine, crisp notes of pear and cruelty-free musk.
  • Made with Community Trade alcohol, sustainably distilled from sugarcane in Brazil
  • 100% Vegetarian


Reason Number 2: Perfect Fragrance For Spring

If you’re looking for a new Spring/Summer scent, or should we say… Your new “Anthem” scent for the season, then this is definitely the scent for you. I personally love how mild it is and how pleasantly smelling it is. Since I purchased this scent for myself, I could not stop spraying it. As the scent stays longer on your skin, it has that mild musky scent which I love. So if you’re ever thinking of a walk in the park or a picnic or even a holiday inspiration, then definitely this scent is a must-have!

Reason Number 3: It Comes in different sizes

They come in different sizes… 30 ML / 60ML  and 100ML. So for those who are size conscious and trying to fit fragrance bottles in their bags, there are Three sizes to choose from.

I opted for the 100ml


Reason Number 4: It’s Unisex (As I’d Like to think about it!)

Reading reviews about this fragrance and using it myself, there’s no denying that this fragrance markets mainly the female consumers. However, This fragrance can still be unisex.


I love the scent! 🙂

Gents, if you love a subtle, sweet and floral scent, then definitely try this scent.

Reason Number 5: It’s Reasonably priced

If you are budget conscious and would like to try a new fragrance for a reasonably priced, then this is definitely the scent for you. When I visited The Body Shop, I was able to get a bargain for the 100 ml which were priced at £24. However, I managed to have it reduced to £18, thanks to my “Love Your Body Club Card,” where I received a £5 Voucher. It’s a membership card where you receive points every time you shop at The Body Shop UK. You can apply for it online and in-store, and ask one of the store consultants that you would like to sign up for the Love Your Body Club Card. If you opt to sign up online, sign up here.

Every Little helps with deals and having one of these cards will definitely help. For someone who loves to shop a lot at The Body Shop, it definitely helps!

The 30ml costs £13 and the 60ml at £18.


The 30ml box


The Love Your Body Club Card



My overall impression of The new Body Shop White Musk L’eau fragrance is it lives up to its description. It’s Fresh, Sweet and suitable for the season. It comes in Three different sizes and ideal for any occasion. I hope these 5 reasons have given you an insight on this new fragrance from The Body Shop.


The Body Shop White Musk L’eau


What is your Spring Fragrance? Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and share your ideas or tips on Spring fragrances, or if you have personally used The Body Shop White Musk L’eau. If you would like to know more about the White Musk L’eau fragrance or check other lines of fragrance and beauty products that The Body Shop offers, visit the link here.

Thank you for reading my blog! 🙂




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